Last Night: Machines Are People Too with The Nim Nims and The Average

I’m the worst at recapping a concert. I love live music, but I can never really explain it to the people that weren’t there. Someone will ask me how a concert was; I’ll respond it was awesome and I danced. And… that’s pretty much my whole story. Plus I don’t take pictures. 
Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m lying about the experience or leaving other details of excessive drug or alcohol use. Maybe I should start taking notes? Does anybody else have this problem? I don’t think about the music. I just feel it, man. With that being said, here’s a brief recap of my first show of the year.
I can’t believe it took me 10 days to see my first concert of the year, but last night was a wonderful way to kick off my 2014 concerts.
The Average, The Nim Nims and Machines Are People Too were the soundtrack to a fun night of dancing with friends and drunken strangers.
The Average is a fairly new band. They formed in 2012 and recently added some members. Last night was my first time seeing them. They were a fun, high energy band. I look forward to seeing them again.
The Nim Nims are cool. Everybody loves The Nim Nims. You should too. Check them out.
I saw Machines Are People Too for the first time during their set at a Vintage Store, called Collective Clothing. Back then they were a two person act. If this event happened in 2009, I believe it may have been the first show I attended as a Chattanooga resident. Their Facebook said they started in 2010. Yeah, I’m going to start taking notes. I suggest not missing a Machines Are People Too show. I have beautiful friendship memories from every one of their shows.

Thanks, Tara V. for nabbing MRP2’s setlist for me.
It was awesome and I danced.

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Taryn Balwinski is the boss lady of She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and loves it. When she isn’t concert hopping, street teaming, or blogging, Taryn works full-time in Administrative Support for the non-profit mentioned in that Macklemore song. She also finds time to eat spicy food and sleep. You can find her up against the rail or on the ADA platform during the show. Yoko Ono’s “Bad Dancer” is her theme song. She started the site as a music themed personal blog, but soon decided the project would be more fun with friends.

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