Last Night: Machines Are People Too with The Nim Nims and The Average

I’m the worst at recapping a concert. I love live music, but I can never really explain it to the people that weren’t there. Someone will ask me how a concert was; I’ll respond it was awesome and I danced. And… that’s pretty much my whole story. Plus I don’t take pictures. 
Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m lying about the experience or leaving other details of excessive drug or alcohol use. Maybe I should start taking notes? Does anybody else have this problem? I don’t think about the music. I just feel it, man. With that being said, here’s a brief recap of my first show of the year.
I can’t believe it took me 10 days to see my first concert of the year, but last night was a wonderful way to kick off my 2014 concerts.
The Average, The Nim Nims and Machines Are People Too were the soundtrack to a fun night of dancing with friends and drunken strangers.
The Average is a fairly new band. They formed in 2012 and recently added some members. Last night was my first time seeing them. They were a fun, high energy band. I look forward to seeing them again.
The Nim Nims are cool. Everybody loves The Nim Nims. You should too. Check them out.
I saw Machines Are People Too for the first time during their set at a Vintage Store, called Collective Clothing. Back then they were a two person act. If this event happened in 2009, I believe it may have been the first show I attended as a Chattanooga resident. Their Facebook said they started in 2010. Yeah, I’m going to start taking notes. I suggest not missing a Machines Are People Too show. I have beautiful friendship memories from every one of their shows.

Thanks, Tara V. for nabbing MRP2’s setlist for me.
It was awesome and I danced.

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