of Montreal and Wild Moccasins Make for Interesting a Thursday Night

To be honest whether or not to attend the of Montreal concert was a very hard decision to make. You see Emancipator was also in town that same night playing at Track 29. I love Emancipator. I was lucky enough to see him at Rhythm & Brews last February. He even signed a poster for me and I briefly met Ilya Goldberg, the violinist who accompanies him during live performances.

After much thought I decided on of Montreal, because I’m a fan of their music, but had yet to see them live. I’m glad I did. Best concert of the year so far.
Wild Moccasins warmed up the crowd with their danceable indie pop music. A few songs in and I knew I had made a sound decision. Their set complemented of Montreal well. The two bands were a good pairing.
Then of Montreal started. Hmm… How does one describe an of Montreal show? Psychedelic? Whimsical? Sexy? The music, visuals and stage banter were an experience. There was ringleader of sorts that got us all inspired to dance with a speech about harboring the moon’s energy. Then as the songs were played “stage people” in white body suits came out at various times with props and such to display the images being projected to the stage. Is there an actually name for those “stage people”?
All the people that participated in the song along are now members of the band, Titty Sprinkles. Kevin’s has a sneaky grandpa. There are still feathers in my closet. All in all it was a fabulous night. Don’t miss of Montreal or Wild Moccasins both bands are still on tour and well-worth seeing.

Listen to of Montreal leader, Kevin Barnes discuss the band’s newest album, Lousy With Sylvianbriar as well as performances of 4 of the album’s tracks on NPR’s World Café by clicking here.

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