It’s Friday, I’m in Love (with Waterfall Wash, Hazes, soCro at JJ’s Bohemia)

First off I have an announcement to make. I’m back on Instagram! I replaced my not-so-smart phone with an iPhone 4s and a service provider that actually works in my apartment. I decided to use my personal Instagram account to document my concert hopping, because we all know that’s all I do. So get your phone out and make that blue button green and follow ConcertHopper right now. During set changes I’ll be posting pictures from my adventures, as well as the occasional selfie and food porn.  Following me? Good. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on the events of last night.
I usually don’t roll solo to JJ’s Bohemia, but I couldn’t miss Michael Roddy’s newest band, Waterfall Wash while they were in town. Roddy and I are both from little ole Dayton, Tennessee. I’ve been following his work since the two-member act Taxicab Racers played sans a drummer in a small storefront turned Youth Group meeting place, The Planet. Or was it at the deli? Oh, and I once booked him and members of Chinasaur to play a free outdoor set during my failed attempt as a member of an activity planning board of a community college.  ANYWAY I had high expectations for Waterfall Wash and the Nashville band didn’t disappoint. Check out their music.
I was also introduced to music of Chattanooga band Hazeslast night. I’m currently listening to their self-titled EP and it’s good stuff. Download it now.
Chattanooga rapper soCro closed out the night with a rowdy set. I’ve been lucky enough to see him open for Big Boi and Machines Are People Too and his performance is always on point. Last night though, he was earning that Kickstarter money. soCro is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to complete his debut album. I contributed today and you should also. Real talk, anybody want to go in on that soCro dinner perk with me? I need three people. Share his Kickstarter with all your fellow hoppers:

Stalk me on Instagram. Don’t miss Waterfall Wash. Download Hazes’s EP. Give soCro all your money. Go out and dance. Support your music scene.

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