A Rocky Horror Valentine

photo credit radec- deviantart
I spent Friday night screaming asshole and slut with my friends and I’ve decided I’ll celebrate every Valentine’s Day doing the time warp from here on out. My dates for the night were newlyweds Nikki and Noah. Nikki and Noah were sure to catch a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show during their honeymoon in San Antonio. So needlessly to say they were down when I invited them to The Honest Pint’s first (of hopefully many) screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I highly recommend eating yummy Irish food and enjoying the cult classic.  
Since I already have a wheelchair handy I decided to dress up as Dr. Scott with a suit, glasses, mustache, fishnet stockings and a purple feather boa. This was not a good look for me. Apparently I can’t rock facial hair so I deleted all photographic evidence expect for this picture.
This was my third time attending one of the master’s affairs. I lost my RHPS virginity during a play at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga at midnight on Halloween I believe in 2008. My second time was another midnight on Halloween at a theater in Nashville with a shadow cast in 2012. I will admit I need a refresher course on call backs, but I had a wonderful time listening to everyone else scream at the screen while dancing and singing along.
So are you a virgin or a RHPS veteran?

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