Get Your Tickets Before They Sellout!

You guys, I almost missed seeing Shovels and Rope with Hurray for the Riff Raff! What’s ironic is I wrote the post you’re about to read months ago. I guess to need to add make you sure you actually purchased your ticket to list. 

I once missed seeing Jack White at Track 29 because I wasn’t prepared for the ridiculously fast sellout time. I vowed to never let that happen again.

Every concert hopper knows that nervous feeling while trying to score pre-sale tickets, first tier festival tickets or when your favorite artist is playing a Saturday show at a tiny venue. I think I’ve broken out in a sweat a few times from attempting to read and type the CAPTCHA. Damn you CAPTCHA, I’m only a human in a hurry!

Here are some tips to nab your desired tickets. If you use my advice for evil and scalp your tickets, then we’re no longer friends.

·      Don’t wait!
Tickets purchased before the show are cheaper anyway. Buy the tickets as soon as you see they are available to save yourself the tears of missing your favorite show.

·      Pre-Sale
Many artists or festivals will have a pre-sale available on their website. These are usually cheaper and you can sit back and relax during the general sale knowing you already have your tickets.
So check out the website as soon as the date(s) are announced to find out the pre-sale date. You may need to sign up for the artist or venue newsletter. Then follow the rest of the steps I listed during the pre or general sale. 

·      Join the Fan Club
If your favorite band or artist has a fan club, join it. Pre-sales tickets are usually available to members first.

·      Make an account with company that is hosting the sell
Usually venue websites sell through another company such as TicketBiscuit. If you haven’t already go the venue website click to buy tickets to a show and just set up an account. You can do this even if you don’t plan buying tickets at that time. Stay signed in, this will save you a ton of steps next you’re in a rush buying tickets online.

·      Be Ready
Be on the site, logged in well before the sell starts. Refresh the page at the time tickets go on sale. Have your credit card in hand ready to go and of course enough money in your account to back your purchase.

·      Try Again
If you were to late the first time, refresh the page again. Some tickets may get thrown back in the pool, because of insufficient funds.
If the above mentioned advice didn’t work for you and the general sale sold out completely, don’t cry yet. There is still hope.

·      Contact the Box Office
Most tickets have a return policy. I haven’t done this before, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have any tickets returned. You can also try to be put on a list for any that become available, or ask if they are running any contests for tickets.

·      Use Social Media
Post on the event invitation’s wall on Facebook and the venue’s Facebook wall. I’ve had to sell tickets this way before. Most people are going to charge you more this way, but check around sometimes you’ll find someone, like me, who just wants back what they spent.

·      Make a Sign and Go Stand Outside
You brought this on yourself really. I was hoping it didn’t have to come to this. Now grab your poster board and enough cash to double the ticket price.
Best of Luck!

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