Thursday: A Whole Lotta BonnaLOVE!

My divorce became final on May 21st so I thought it would be interesting to trash my wedding dress in the fountain at Bonnaroo. At first I thought it would be a solo thing, but then I figured it would be more fun as a group. So on May 12th I created a Facebook event page. That night T.J. Powers direct messaged the Forever Bonnaroo page about wanting to propose to his girlfriend, Angela Miles at the event. In his message, he wrote about how much he loved her and how wonderful of a person she is. It was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. We were sworn to secrecy so I had to text about half a dozen people about it.

Honestly, this was my most highly anticipated moment of the weekend. I thought it was kinda poetic that an idea that came from something sad as divorce would become an exciting start for a loving couple.

And it happened… Thursday afternoon before the music even started I was blessed witness one of the most beautiful moments ever to take place at Bonnaroo. Angela and I had trashed our wedding dresses and started an impromptu paint party at the fountain.  Angela was busy covering Bonnaroovians in paint when her then boyfriend, T.J. dropped to one knee to propose. I and others had to yell “turn around, turn around.” I’ll never forget the look on her face when she turned around and realized what was happening.

Congratulations, T.J.! Best Wishes, Angela! 

All other events of the day paled in comparison, but I did meet Sami from Rock It Out Blog before going into the comedy tent. While still looking a hot mess in my wedding dress. Sami was cool and seemed a surprised that recognized him. I was awkward and I forgot to mention ConcertHopper.

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post about Wednesday go ahead and read it. Also check back tomorrow and Sunday for more Bonnaroo posts. Don’t forget to Share Your Bonnaroo to Combat the Bonnablues.

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Keep scrolling to see a few pictures of the happy couple.
Posing with her magnet from Zach of Forever Bonnaroo. Yes, Zach is sporting a Roo tattoo.
The adorable couple pre-engagement.
There is still paint on my wheelchair.
She said, YES!

About Taryn Balwinski

Taryn Balwinski is the boss lady of She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and loves it. When she isn’t concert hopping, street teaming, or blogging, Taryn works full-time in Administrative Support for the non-profit mentioned in that Macklemore song. She also finds time to eat spicy food and sleep. You can find her up against the rail or on the ADA platform during the show. Yoko Ono’s “Bad Dancer” is her theme song. She started the site as a music themed personal blog, but soon decided the project would be more fun with friends.


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