La’Kanye Can’t Hang with Hank

Tuesday night I saw Hank 3 pretty much perform three different concerts. If you ever have a chance to see him live take it. I’m pretty sure it will be the only time you’ll get to watch one man play Country, then Punk and end with a Metalcore set. I think $22 is the most I’ve ever paid to see anybody play Rhythm & Brews and it was worth it.

Story continues below the picture.

After returning home from Hank 3’s shows, I realized my right wheelchair tire was completely flat. I’m not sure what happened maybe the rowdy hellbillies and hellbetties were too much for La’Kanye. Yes, my wheelchair’s name is La’Kanye. I’m still feeling thankful that this happened to me before being all the way in Louisville for Forecastle this weekend. Wednesday morning I hobbled into Goodwill and both of the tires were quickly replaced.

Chattanooga Goodwill Industries has a wonderful program called HELPS that provides medical equipment for free to those who need it. I don’t know what I would do without HELPS they keep La’Kanye together.

Don’t miss out on Hank 3’s 3 personalities. Donate to Goodwill.

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