Worship the Music at Voodoo Music and Arts Experience

Long before Foo Fighters played the last note of Everlong. My tribe and I were already planning our return to Voodoo Music and Arts Experience. Pack weather appropriate attire. We were cold.

We had to make a Target run earlier. @weroamfree #rookiemistake #weroamNOLA

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Live music. New Orleans. Halloween weekend. Enough said. But if you need further convincing…

The Performances

The Foo Fighters and Trombone Shorty treated us to a surprise collaboration.

#TromboneShorty #FooFighters #WorshipTheMusic #CityPark #NOLA #latergram

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Jared Leto’s stage antics kept the safety team on their toes during 30 Seconds to Mars’ performance.

Outkast ended their 40 Festival Tour with a bang.

And more greatest was happening all around during the whole experience.

The art was beautiful and interactive.

The People

Voodoo Experience 2014 | @VoodooNola #VoodooExperience

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The City

I need a beignet in my mouth right meow.

The Water

The festival water actually tasted good.

Anyone who has drank Bonnaroo water on Sunday knows this is worth mentioning.

The Cuddle Puddles

Cuddling for warmth is not common at other festivals.

The Man Crushes

#actionbronson #icanseethelight #bambam #fuckthatsdelicious

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The Memories

The Ticket Price

Tickets are only $99, for a limited time.

Thank you, Instagramers for sharing your Voodoo Experience with us!

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