Oh, The Woes of Cutting off the Wristbands

You guys, I cut off my wristband shortly after snapping this picture this morning. I considered keeping them on, but four was getting a little excessive.


Afterwards, I had remembered this picture of Allen Stone’s and my wrist, and I began regretting it. Christine and I had a chance to meet Allen Stone after his Nightfall performance. He had just performed at Bonnaroo 2013 a month prior. Spotting his Bonnaroo wristband had sparked a conversion about the beauty of music festivals. Christine and he even compared Bonnaroo to church.


I usually keep my wristbands on until they wear off or until a grown-up activity comes up that requires me to be formal. My sister, Sarah took this picture after an afternoon of tie-dying during Thanksgiving break last year.


I gathered up all my wristbands and put them in my Bonnaroo lunchbox for safekeeping until I decide what to do with them.


One more story. A while back my nieces, Ryleigh and Hannabeth, four years old at the time, were complementing me on my wristbands. They’re sweet like that. I was telling them how I got them. When I mentioned Forecastle, Ryleigh asked, “were there dragons there?” Dragons? Oh… Forecastle.

I’m seriously considering getting some Festiclips. My wrist feels naked.

Now I’m looking at my favorite wrist selfies and sighing.

The countdown is over! #bonnaroo

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