My Best Music Memories of 2014

Much like everyone else I’ve spent this week in my head reflecting on this past year and planning for the next. While I pondered all the wonderful things I should do in 2015, I realized I couldn’t have planned the weird awesomeness that was 2014. Last year was an example of what happens when you go out and let life happen. Some of my greatness moments of the past year happened while in pursuit of live music.

My sister twerked on stage with Waka Flocka Flame.

– I stalked Kayla and Daniel for two years then they took me to Bonnaroo with them. Quick back story: Daniel and I both have Cerebral Palsy. So we sit on the ADA platforms at Bonnaroo. One year I remember mentioning to my then Roo-Mate, Kursten that this couple was at a lot of the same sets as us. Then the following year I pointed them out to Christine and said the same thing and I think we joked that they must have great taste in music. Then Kayla and I added each other on Facebook after she direct messaged Forever Bonnaroo. Later I posted on Facebook that I needed a ride to Bonnaroo and Kayla volunteered to let me ride/camp with them. See, sometimes stalking people and making friends on the internet turns out cool and not creepy. Oh and I went to Roo on Wednesday.

My divorce was finalized and I trashed my dress.

I witnessed a marriage proposal while covered in paint.

I sounded like a bitter divorcee in an interviewed with Vice.

Christine and I went to Forecastle.

Christine, Kayla, Daniel and I survived the cold at Voodoo Experience and we went from being festy besties to festy family.

– I almost lost my voice while screaming B.O.B. twice.


Live music is the soundtrack to life.

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