Going to Coachella? We Want You to Tell Us All About It.

“ConcertHopper.com’s purpose is to share the experience and say “I was there.” We only write about what we have experienced first-hand and promote the events and venues we love.” – from our About page.

…with that being said none of our current team members are planning a trip to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the moment, so we need Coachella contributors.

Who’s interested in sharing their experience pre, during and post Coachella?

If you already have plans to be in Indio, California, April 10th-12th and/or April 17th-19th contact me via the Contribute Your Talent page.

We’re always on the hunt for Concert Hoppers to add to our team. If you’re interested in sharing your live music addiction with us do not hesitate to contact me, even if you’re not going to be texting your ex during the Drake set.

At this time, all positions are unpaid. Although your work can earn you concert tickets, festival tickets and event merchandise occasionally.


No one tell my Dad that I’m having a hard time reading the fine print bands.

About Taryn Balwinski

Taryn Balwinski is the boss lady of ConcertHopper.com. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and loves it. When she isn’t concert hopping, street teaming, or blogging, Taryn works full-time in Administrative Support for the non-profit mentioned in that Macklemore song. She also finds time to eat spicy food and sleep. You can find her up against the rail or on the ADA platform during the show. Yoko Ono’s “Bad Dancer” is her theme song. She started the site as a music themed personal blog, but soon decided the project would be more fun with friends.


  1. If only I didn’t live in England! Haha- good luck with the search though 🙂 I’ve followed to see what happens!


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