Get Those Free Concert Souvenirs

Everyone knows that I’m a total cheapskate and it’s very unlikely that you’ll catch me at a merch table. Luckily my stingiest doesn’t prevent me from nabbing some nifty souvenirs. With the help of Instagramers, listed are some examples of the items you can get for free.99 at the next concert you attend and cherish forever.


Stay until after the show grab it off the stage as soon as the bands starts to pack up. Papadosio’s 2013 Fly Free Fest setlist is stuck to my closet mirror.


Get there early and take the flyer for that night’s show off the venue’s wall. They’re not going to need after that night. It’s like you’re helping them clean.


Once a rock band of inspirational speakers came to my school. One of the band members gave me a drumstick in front of everyone as he was telling a story about a girl in a wheelchair who was bullied. I appreciated the gesture, but it was awkward. I gave the drumstick to a friend who appreciated it more than me.


Just let the confetti or feathers rain down upon you. Chances you’ll take a lot of it home without even trying. If you haven’t woke up with confetti in your bed at least once in your life, you haven’t lived. I had feathers in my apartment from an of Montreal concert for weeks.

Ticket Stubs

We all got ’em. Keep them so grand-grandchildren can sell all your memories after you die. It’s not like you’re leaving an inheritance of money. You spent all that on those ticket stubs.

I love music 💜 pt.2 !! 😝🎶💙👌💥😃 Winter 2015

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We know my feelings on wristbands.

Mosh Pit Wounds


Am I doing this right? #pastaparty #edm #raveraverave #plur #kandi

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What’s your favorite concert souvenir, that didn’t cost a thing?

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  1. I’m all about keeping the hard tickets and festival wrist bands. I also love that The Fillmore in San Francisco will give out posters if the show sells out at least two weeks before. I’ve caught a couple of guitar picks. Plus I have the pictures I’ve taken. The past two years I’ve been doing a concert review blog. It’s fun to go back and read what I thought then.

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