Awesome Songs for Cool Kids & More Family-Friendly Music That Won’t Drive You Insane

My mom shared this video on my Facebook and I made the comment that I needed to get some Bob and Ziggy Marley music for my nieces and nephew. She asked me for more suggestions, but the Marleys were all I could think of at the time. So I took to Facebook again to get suggestions from my music loving friends.
If there’s a kiddo in your life that just can’t let “Let it Go” go, you may want to pop one of these CDs in the karaoke machine.
Awesome Songs for Cool Kids is Rock ‘n’ Roll for kiddos by Chattanoogan, Alex Volz. Download it now for free. Dance to reworked old favorites such as “The Hokey Pokey”, “Old MacDonald”, “If You’re Happy and You know It” (with a super sweet guitar solo), and original stories such “The Wish Monster” and “Tommy the Talking Taco”. Rock out to “The Awesomest Monster” and more.
Of course, like I mentioned before the Marleys will get anyone grooving. Both B Is for Bob and Ziggy Marley’s Family Time are especially for kids.
Get ready for Bonnaroo as a family with Earth Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits and Mumford and Sons.

Everyone should be raised on The Beatles. Start them off with The Beatles 1.

If you’re little concert hopper needs more music give these a try:

Kimya Dawson – Alphabutt

Jack Johnson – Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George

The Monkees – Greatest Hits

Barenaked Ladies – Snacktime

They Might be Giants – Here Comes Science, Here Come The 123s, Here Come the ABCs

Various Artist – For The Kids

Keller Williams – Kids

Medeski Martin and Wood – Let’s Go Everywhere

Caspar Babypants – Sing Along!, This Is Fun!

Red Grammar – Hello World

Tom Chapin – This Pretty Planet

Even Johnny Cash has a children’s album not featuring any of his Chattanooga inspired songs, The Johnny Cash Children’s Album.

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions for this list. We all know I don’t know enough about kids to compile this on my own.

This post to dedicated to my favorite little singers and dancers, future concert hoppers: Ryleigh, Hannabeth, Serenity, Savannah, and CJ.

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