The Benefits of Supporting Your Local Music Scene

I think Nick VanOrnum, of Always The Understudy, said it best in our interview last Summer, “Don’t be afraid to support local bands in your area… We the people decide what we want for music so don’t let your opinions go unheard.”


We all know that buying local benefits your local economy and community. The same can be said when you support your local music scene. Just some of the perks of local support are:


  • Prevents Ghost Towns or Clone Towns

Supporting local acts keeps local music venues open and bands playing. Without love and support your music scene can become a clone of other music scenes, or worse, die out completely.


  • The Concerts are Cheaper

Usually, the argument against buying local is that it costs more to do so. This is where locally made products and your local music scene differ greatly.  Your hometown bands and artists are most likely to have shows that range in price between $0-$15 making them significantly cheaper than a larger, more nationally recognized act’s concert.They also usually feature more than two acts a night so you’ll be getting your money’s worth. So why not take those savings and buy some merch and attend more shows?


  • Supports Nonprofits and Charities

On average nonprofits receive 250% more support from smaller business than they do from large businesses. Having worked in the nonprofit industry my whole career, I would say this is true about local artists as well. I’ve worked at countless fundraisers where local artists donated entertainment or art.


  • Keeps Money Flowing in the Community

Many economists agree, it’s not about how much you spend, but where you spend it. Local artists are spending the money they earn at other local businesses. They’re buying their posters from local printers, eating and drinking at local restaurants, etc.


Supporting local music isn’t just about doing something good for the community. It’s about enjoying the art surrounds you and being a part of the unique sound of your city.


Everybody had to start somewhere. Everybody from The Beatles to Jack White started in their local music scene. For all you know, you might be dancing to the next big thing in the tiny bar on your street. Up and coming bands work hard to deliver an entertaining performance, because they are hungry (figuratively and probably even literally). So go to that hole in the wall and see your buddy’s band play and enjoy a night that’s uniquely yours.


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  1. Thanks for those informative information. What you had said above is true. We need to support our own local music because it makes us be proud of our own community. I think that it is better to patronize first our local products before others. I would like to recommend, a website which supports independent music.

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  2. I hadn’t ever thought that buying music and going to concerts of local artists would help the local economy flourish. It does make sense that they would be going to stores you do and participating in activities everybody does as well. Supporting them is almost like supporting the town itself because of how much they could do for the community and all that the community has done to help them get where they are.!releases/u4miw


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