80 Days to Get Ready for Bonnaroo with RooFitness


The creative minds behind Roo Chute are now dedicating their to Instagram to Roo Fitness. It’s not about looking your best at Bonnaroo, but feeling your best is crucial to having a good time. Our intention isn’t to promote weight loss. Trust me, Bonnaroovians love you the way you are. We’re trying to help you stay happy, healthy and awake (you don’t even want to know what sets I’ve slept through), so you can have the best Bonnaroo.  If this is your first Roo, take a second to imagine the weekend with me. 

All weekend you’re walking, dancing, standing with very little sleep in the Tennessee heat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but it’s exhausting. Bonnaroo virgins you’ll look at the schedule and think, “Oh, nothing really starts until noon, we can sleep late.” Don’t count on it. I’ve never been able to sleep in while camping at Bonnaroo. The sun wakes you, when it rises you rise. And it seems you’re on the move, the moment you leave your tent.

You’ll hear many festival veterans say, “festivals are like marathons, pace yourself.”  Heed that warning. But think about that comparison. Wouldn’t you prepare your body for a marathon?

Thankfully you have 80 days to prepare. Here’s what I suggest you should be doing for the next 80 days:


You’re going to be walking everywhere for four straight days. So start walking now. You could go for morning runs, walk around your neighborhood after work, walk short distances that you would normally drive, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk your dog more, walk a shelter dog…


While you’re listening to the lineup and daydreaming about the bands you’ll seeing, just go ahead and dance. It’s great exercise and you’ll be dancing when you see them in person anyway.


If running is more your speed then run. Use this time to run more often or to increase your speed and distance.

Drinking Water

Now that you’re walking, dancing, running and it’s warmer outside drink water. Don’t wait until you’ve walked under the arch to start drinking water. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired. Click here to see how to calculate how much water you should be drinking.

Radiating Positivity

Use this time to mentally prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful weekends of your life. For a whole weekend, you’ll surrounded by people enjoying themselves, seeing your favorite bands live, making new friends, making memories. Whenever you get discouraged, let Bonnaroo be your happy place and think about all the fun you’ll be having soon.

How are you getting Roo Fit?

Stalk @roochute on Instagram for daily inspiration and tell them @concerthopper sent you. Sharing is caring. Share this post with everyone in your roo crew. 

See you on the farm!

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