Jason Isbell Sells Out Track 29, Debuts New Song

Let me just start out by saying Jason Isbell makes me proud to be from Alabama; those aren’t words I say too often. His southern charm is undeniable, and that was evident Thursday night at Track 29 in Chattanooga. Sold out show, y’all!

The former Drive-By Trucker opened up the full house with “Go It Alone” off his sophomore album “Here We Rest.” He took it back even further with “Dress Blues” from “Sirens Of The Ditch.” And what is a Jason Isbell show without a few Truckers songs?! The crowd let out a collective, drunk “whoooo” to the lyrics of “Decoration Day” with the east Tennessee shoutout. As usual, I got lost in a puddle of the feels during one of my personal favorites, “Goddamn Lonely Love.” Isbell played a heavy dose of songs off his most recent album “Southeastern” and brought the whole crowd to their knees during the stripped down, award-winning song “Cover Me Up.” HOT DAMN the dude knows how to write a song.

Best part of the night? Chattanooga got a FIRST listen of his new track “24 Frames,” just a few hours after he announced the release date of his fifth studio album, “Something More Than Free.” Back in March, Isbell tweeted “I think these songs are better than the Southeastern batch.” Those words hold a lot of weight. During the show Isbell made the comment that they don’t really do ‘singles’ but if they did, “24 Frames” would be the one you’re likely to hear on the radio. The new album is out July 17.

If you haven’t experienced an evening with Jason Isbell and his sad songs, you’re truly missing out.

**Photo credit goes to Amanda Hitchcock.


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