Forever, Ever… Bonnaroo

What’s up all?!? Zach here from Forever Bonnaroo! With basically only a week left until we return to the farm I hope you all have prepared sufficiently by now and have got everything in order for the best 4 days of the year. Let me give you a bit of a background on myself and my experience with Bonnaroo. Simply stated, it changed my life. I discovered Roo in late 2009 and almost went to the farm in 2010 but my plans were foiled. 2011 was my first year and what a year it was. From getting front row for Mumford and Sons to gazing up at the light drop right after My Morning Jacket, it was undoubtedly one of the most magical experiences of my life up to that point. I fell in love. Since that amazing year, my brother and I haven’t skipped a single one. 2012 SAVED my life. We went through some very trying hardships in the six months that preceded that year and going to Roo was the ONLY thing we had to look forwards to for sure. After that I created my Forever Bonnaroo page, because I knew I needed the festival in my life 365 days of the year.


With that said, 2013 has been my favorite so far but I’m predicting that 2015 will trump it! From all the additions in the PODs, screens on the tents, to the massive amount of friends I’ve acquired through the years from my page, I feel like this year will be hands-down the best so far since going. Last year I began handing out free magnets for my page. If any of you reading this got your hands on one you are lucky, because I only had a couple hundred! This year I made 500 of them. Below is the design for this year:


I got the idea from Bonnaroo Chris. If you don’t know him, he’s another die-hard fan that has his own Roo page on Facebook along with an actual website full of helpful Roo tips and tricks. He hands out stickers and I figured hey why not have a handout for my page as well? The background image was voted on by all of my friends on the page and the quote I thought was quite fitting for how much Roo can really change your life if you let it. Anyways, as I said if you find me you get one! We will also be having a meet-up hosted by Forever Bonnaroo at 2PM Friday at the fountain. If you don’t feel like playing “Wheres Waldo” all weekend then this would be your best bet to nab one of these puppies. Hope to see you all there! Remember to hold off on the party until you get to camp, drink plenty of water, and most importantly, radiate positivity all weekend! 11059380_1027320970629018_8135134641015750562_n

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