With a Little Help from My (Bonnaroovian) Friends…

“With a Little Help from My Friends” became the theme song of Bonnaroo 2015 over a day before Mumford and Sons surprised us by closing out their Bonnaroo set with this jam session, Saturday. My friends and I had already shown how teamwork makes the dream work the day before. Push play and read the love story below…

On May

On May 1st JP Fox direct messaged the Facebook fan page, Forever Bonnaroo. He began the message by writing about the 24+ hour road trip that him and his girlfriend, Dana took from Arizona to Bonnaroo last year. Bonnaroo 2014 was his first and Dana’s second time on the farm. He described the Road to Roo as incredible.

“I loved every moment. I was falling in love with this girl more and more by the second and being with her consecutively for that long was everything I could have asked for and more.”

Then he reviled his reason for contacting Forever Bonnaroo, he was going to pop the question to the love of his life at Bonnaroo and he needed help in making it the proposal Dana deserved.

“Bonnaroo is where Dana feels happiest, feels the most free, feels one with the world, with the vibes, with the people, and with the overall goodness that Bonnaroo represents. I’ve thought of a million ways to propose to her and they all lead back to Bonnaroo.”

Of course, Forever Bonnaroo’s Administrator, Zach Sarver and I agreed to help in anyway possible. Zach set up the date and time of the proposal disguised as a Forever Bonnaroo meet up.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 1.41.45 PM

I had assisted in the planning of a successful marriage proposal at Bonnaroo last year and I was excited to do it again. I agreed to supply the posters with the messages JP provided summarizing special memories from their relationship.

“Remember the tie dye roses?

Remember our roadtrip to Roo?

Garter + Bouquet at Terence and Lyn’s wedding?

Remember Christmas at the Princess?

Remember our Harry Potter Valentine’s?

Remember when I proposed to you at Bonnaroo?”

One problem, my handwriting is terrible and Roofus was obviously no help, so I packed the blank posters and some markers in hopes that I would find a volunteer with good penmanship. And thankfully I did! Saturday morning fellow Chattanoogan and Bonnaroovian, Judi Bailey and I took the supplies to the Access Tent and asked the volunteers for help. We all watched Ariel Griffin write out the messages and save the day.


After the posters were ready Zach took them and headed to the fountain. He and Katie Thompson scurried and found a group of girls who were more than happy to help with the proposal by holding the posters.

They made a path that started at the ferris wheel, went into planet roo, and ended with 2 girls holding the “When I proposed at Bonnaroo” poster at the fountain. JP walked Dana down the path and photographer, Brian Hensley of MusicFestNews.com followed and photographed them. When they got to the fountain, JP put the final touch on the proposal. He pulled out the ring, dropped to one knee and asked the question. Surrounded by new friends in the middle of Bonnaroo, she said yes.
This is what we mean when we here at ConcertHopper.com say “live music is the soundtrack to life.” It was the love of live music that brought all these strangers (now friends) together to create this beautiful moment. Follow live music and it will lead you to experiences you would never have imagined. Go out and enjoy a show this week, you might make a friend, fall in love or be talked into helping with someone’s major life event, who knows.

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