Our Bonnaroo Experience

Every year in June, around 80,000 people make the trip to a farm in the little town of Manchester, Tennessee to attend the Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival. Many first-timers come because of the lineup, or heard from a friend it’s a cool place. However any Bonnaroovian will tell you that the lineup really is secondary to the experience and the people. Bonnaroo truly is an amazing place filled with amazing people which is why I always come back. This year (2015) was my fourth consecutive Bonnaroo. This year was also my favorite year so far because I got to bring my fiance to her first Bonnaroo. Its a different perspective on the weekend and I’d like to share a little with everyone.

Prior to this years Bonnaroo, my fiance had never been to a music festival. When we first got together I told her what Bonnaroo was and right away she told me that she would be attending this year with. I was instantly ecstatic. To be able to bring the woman that I love to the greatest place on earth was an amazing experience. I got to watch her from day 1 fall in love with Bonnaroo just like I did. It was easily the most fun I’ve had in my life. I’m sure the others that came to Bonnaroo with significant others can attest to me saying there is no better feeling than being at Bonnaroo with your significant other. 4 days ( 5 if you arrive Wednesday like us) of just doing whatever you want together. It’s a rare thing to not have any responsibilities or distractions and just be able to enjoy each other and the good times Bonnaroo offers. It truly brought us closer together. No matter what we did throughout the weekend, we were all smiles and having a good time.

The music, as always, was amazing. She didn’t know much of the lineup before Bonnaroo but she embraced it and we had an absolute blast. We danced around the whole farm day and night spreading high fives and good vibes. Some of the highlights of our weekend were My Morning Jacket, Temples, Royal Blood, STS9, and many more. As much fun as the music was, it was the Bonnaroo experience that won her over.  Only at Bonnaroo can you randomly walk up on a game of blindfolded rock, paper, scissors; where the winner gets a poster and loser got a punch to the groin. Or taking it back to elementary school days and playing with the Roo chute. It’s the moments like those that make Bonnaroo special and I am very grateful and thankful to be able to share that with my fiance. She now is full blown Bonnaroovian and we are planning on VIP next year! See everyone on the farm in 2016!


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