Planning Make Music CHA: A Festival for & by Chattanooga

This year, Chattanooga will participate in Make Music Day for the first time ever. Make Music Day is a daylong, outdoor celebration of music that’s meant to encourage people of all ability levels and genres to share their music freely and with the public. It is part of the international Fête de la Musique, taking place across over 700 cities in 120 different countries every year during the Summer Solstice, June 21st.

This is a festival for and by Chattanooga’s music community. Which means we need your help to make this happen. Bring yourself and your ideas to our first planning meeting. We’re holding the meeting at The Granfalloon on Monday, February 29th at 6:00pm. RVSP and get more information here.

We will be planning a day full of free musical events and activities for all ages, skill levels, and genres. Think concerts, jam sessions, drum circles, busking, music lessons, instrument making, an instrument “petting zoo”, and more.

We need all Chattanooga music lovers at this meeting, such as:

  • Artists who want to share their music.
  • Teachers who want to give music lessons.
  • Business Owners who want to share their outdoor space for events.
  • Volunteers who want to help with all the music and non-music stuff.
  • Promoters to get the word out.
  • Photographers and Videographers to document it all.
  • Music lovers, concert hoppers, movers and shakers who will be enjoying the day!

Food and drinks will be available for purchase during the meeting. The open mic, Open Air hosted by Jessica Nunn will be directly following the meeting, so feel free to bring your instrument to participate.

To all our readers outside of the Chattanooga area, check to see if your city has a Make Music Day, if not consider bringing it to your area.

Create and celebrate music, freely.

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