NY Get Down: Buffalo,NY 3/10/16

As spring type weather begins to roll in to Buffalo, NY; an anxious crowd awaited for Roosevelt Collier. If you do not know who Roosevelt Collier is, please stop what you’re doing and look him up. He is an absolute wizard on the steel guitar. Collier is a south Florida native that built his reputation playing along side his uncles and cousins in The Lee Boys. With pulling support from Rob and Eli from Dopapod and Mikey and Taylor from Turkauz; it was a sure thing that the night would be full of funky jams. And funky it was. These guys threw down one of the funnest shows I’ve attended.

JK 1

No opener for this show. Roosevelt Collier and company hit the Buffalo Iron Works stage around 10:30pm and played until about 1:00am. The set was put together nicely and each member of the band was able to get their time to shine. One of my highlights of the night was getting up close and seeing Eli from Dopapod just wail on the keys. Also can’t forget about the cover of Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes“; which was breathtaking.  The passion these musicians have was easy to see that night.

JK 2

There was smiles ear to ear from everyone on stage and that energy carried over to the crowd. I have to say my favorite part of the whole night, was just how unique the set was. Collier is touring currently with the Get Down theme however there was only two shows that had this lineup of artists. Each state features members of different bands to support Collier. Basically if you happened to catch this show in Buffalo or NYC then you’re one of the lucky few.

Nothing cooler than seeing rare sets and acts like this! If you happen to live close to Buffalo, NY, I would highly recommend taking a look at what shows are coming to Buffalo Iron Works. It’s one of my personal favorite venues that is consistently booking great shows!


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