Say #HeyConcertHopper, Join the Conversation

A new monthly series is coming to starting this April, called Hey Concert Hopper! Each month there will be a theme and we’ll bring you different stories on that theme. We want to read, hear, and see your stories of the moments live music was the soundtrack to your life. We will be sharing your stories here every Sunday and on our social media accounts all week long.

We’re kicking off the series with stories of the first concert you attended. So dig that ticket stub out of your memory box and take us back to where your concert hopping began. Be honest with us. Given the average age of the concert hoppers that wander over to our corner of the interwebs, I anticipate reading at least a few stories about seeing your boy band crushes.

Holler at us! Contact us or use the hashtag #HeyConcertHopper on Twitter or Instagram.


I don’t have pictures from my first concert, but this is from my first in Chattanooga. At Club Fathom to see The Radio Fix in 2005(?).


About Taryn Balwinski

Taryn Balwinski is the boss lady of She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and loves it. When she isn’t concert hopping, street teaming, or blogging, Taryn works full-time in Administrative Support for the non-profit mentioned in that Macklemore song. She also finds time to eat spicy food and sleep. You can find her up against the rail or on the ADA platform during the show. Yoko Ono’s “Bad Dancer” is her theme song. She started the site as a music themed personal blog, but soon decided the project would be more fun with friends.

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