Fool’s Paradise

Let it be known that Fool’s Paradise is the funkiest of festivals I have ever attended. From GRiZ and Lettuce to Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue and Goldfish, there is never a moment where attendees are standing still. Nestled right in the historic downtown area of America’s oldest city is the beautifully designed Saint Augustine Amphitheatre, which was the perfect venue for this jam-packed 2-day festival. The crowd was just the right size for tons of group fun and intimate gatherings of friends near and far. GRiZ’s set on Friday night was nothing short of my expectations – funky fresh. He brings such an explosive energy with his sax that I’ve never heard or seen before.

GRiZ performing at this year’s Fool’s Paradise. 

How can anyone forget the incredibly juicy GRiZ and Lettuce performance? “Jesus” Coomes is a man of many wonders from his spunky outfits to his undeniable bass talent. GRiZ and Lettuce know how to jam. This set was the highlight and most anticipated one of my weekend. I was not let down. Eric wore the coolest shades that scrolled with LED words such as “LOL”, “LOVE”, and other goofy antics.

Lettuce jamming out at Fool’s Paradise.

These guys definitely know how to put on a fun show. This was one of the most eclectic groups of people I’ve seen. It was noted that the sea of people were so colorful in their grooviest and pirate themed attire.

“Jesus” Coomes of Lettuce.

Let’s talk about the meet and greet, shall we? The meet and greet was set up in a gorgeous outdoor setting with beautiful lights and decorations. The artists were snapping pictures and having a blast goofing off with everyone who attended.

The almighty Lettuce at Fool’s Paradise.

 We decided to have food and a drink after the meet and greet, which brought us the most delicious margaritas and pulled pork nachos. Hands down some of the best food I’ve had at any festival. There were late night shows and even though I was unable to attend, the videos that were shared captured the super hip energy that was felt throughout the weekend.

Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue at Fool’s Paradise.

All in all, this funky festival is definitely not one to miss and I’ll surely be there next year getting down again with everyone! Hope to see you there!

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