Tipper and Friends: The Full Moon Gathering

The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida hosted a festival known as Tipper and Friends: The Full Moon Gathering from April 22 to April 24 of 2016. This music and arts festival is definitely one of the best festivals someone could attend.

Everything from the venue to the music to the overall vibe of the event set off the weekend perfectly. The weekend was filled with beautiful artwork from paintings to motion graphics, amazing food, and thirteen artists that performed from 6p.m. Friday, April 22 to sunrise on Sunday, April 24.

This festival not only offered patrons the opportunity to see some breathtaking art work from artists such as Android Jones and Mastro. But also various activities like nightly drum circles, meditation hikes, and a disc golf tournament were offered.

This festival has a major focus on art. The entire venue is decorated with beautiful free hand murals, string art throughout the trees, and countless flow artists lighting up the night sky with their hula hoops and pod poi. Tara Anderson, flow artist, said “The vibe is just very laid back, very relaxed, very happy… It’s nice to get out with the other flow artists and just do your thing.”

kaitlyn martin - Drum Circle

The venue is absolutely beautiful, and more than ideal for music festivals. The campground isn’t necessarily huge, but it does fit a large number of people. The campgrounds are situated around a gorgeous lake, there is an abundance of trees to provide shade and they even have amenities such as electricity and water hook ups for RV’s.

This venue seems to attract an audience that will return regardless of the festival. Many patrons say they return to this venue simply because of how amazing the environment is. Alex Butler said, “This is probably my fourth or fifth time at this venue, I’ve been to Aura twice and Hulaween a few times. I always have an amazing time.”

kaitlyn martin - Open mic

Tipper and Friends: Full Moon Gathering brought individuals together at the Spirit of Suwanee Music Park and initiated bonding through music, art, and countless hours of family fun. Though most people came to the campgrounds as strangers on Friday, April 22, by the time the park was clearing out at noon on Sunday, April 24, everyone was leaving as family.

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