Hopster Music Podcast – May 4th, 2016!

On this week’s episode of the Hopster Music Podcast, I compare a song to candy corn, Kayla documents a new festival with high-profile names that hipsters will both hate and love simultaneously, and the hottest and most current Scott Stapp news.

We’re the Hopster Music Podcast: *your* #1 source for all of the latest breaking news on Scott Stapp-related happenings

Here’s some links to the news we talked about

Trent Reznor is gonna try to help Apple Music with this whole ‘streaming music’ thing

‘Old’chella is a thing; a real fuckin’ cool thing.

Scott Stapp, in a stunning upset, is somehow still alive alive and making music. He’s not replacing Scott Weiland in STP. He’s doing another thing that’s sort of like it.

Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, recently passed away. RIP

Here’s some links to the music we talked about and I edited in to this week’s episode

‘Black Honey’ by Thrice

‘This Is What You Came For’ by Rihanna & Calvin Harris

‘Bored To Death’ by Blink 182

‘Burn The Witch’ by Radiohead

‘Go Flex’ by Post Malone

That awful Scott Stapp Florida Marlins song

Star Wars Dubstep (intro)

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