The Mystery of the Masked Marshmello

Who in the hell is Marshmello?! This guy is successfully keeping his identity a mystery while simultaneously taking social media by storm. He released “Joytime” on January 8th, 2016 and it hit #1 on iTunes in the same day.

He is successfully holding the attention of two hundred and eighty seven thousand people on Instagram, two hundred and seventy three thousand on Soundcloud, and about three hundred and thirty thousand on his Facebook.

One could say that his friendships with other DJ’s such as Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Zedd, and Diplo have possibly helped push his name out into the music scene. It definitely didn’t hurt.

And somehow we still don’t know who he is? Well, his following, known as the Mellogang, have attempted to figure out just who this new musical mastermind is. It is being said that this mysterious masked Marshmello is none other than Chris Comstock, better known by his stage name of DotCom. Marshmello and DotCom are both signed to the same talent agency. With that being said, DotCom was within the first ten people to follow Marshmello on Twitter, along with other major artists such as Skrillex, Sikdope, Jauz and Kayliox.

Another similarity between the two can be seen in their usernames on the popular social media application, Instragram. Marshmello’s handle is @Marshmellomusic and DotCom has the handle @DotComMusic.

Also, I would like for each of you to then compare how they dance while performing live. Please take a look at Marshmello performing “Bounce” in Hawaii and then compare it to DotCom performing at Exchange in LA. You can’t hide from us when you show off those sweet, sweet dance moves Mr. Chris Comstock.

But most recently, the Mellogang put two pictures side-by-side in what is undoubtedly the best piece of evidence they have yet to bring forward. In the first picture, one can see Marshmello in his infamous all white outfit, with jeans that have minor rips and tears on the thigh. In the second picture, DotCom can been seen being caught with his pants down. Literally. Which reveals a tattoo on his thigh. That tattoo seems to be awfully similar to the one peeking through the tears on Marshmello’s jeans.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am convinced Marshmello and DotCom are the same person. If by some chance they aren’t the same person, I say Marshmello and DotCom need to have a b2b set.


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