Hopster Music Podcast — May 25th, 2016!

On this week’s episode of the Hopster Music Podcast, we discuss such topics such as how to NOT act on Twitter regardless of whether or not you’re a musician, a new song featuring one of my favorite leading men in music right now and tips on how to not die when you’re going to or at a festival. All of that and SCOTT STAPP other pressing music issues!


By the way! You should read Kayla’s steps leading up to a festival if you’re in need of some good ways to make sure you don’t dehydrate, starve, or get stuck in an unsanitary situation at a festival. It’s good for festival veterans and newbies alike!

AND! You should also check out Nooga.com’s article giving this very website and the awesome Taryn Balwinski a shout out!

Music Links from this week’s episode!

Opening Song is ‘Two Hearts in 3/4ths Time’ by The Avalanches

HAIM’s two new songs (editor’s note: The two HAIM songs were live audio instead of studio quality and didn’t sound great within the context of the podcast so I omitted them! They’re still good! Go watch them!)

‘I Am A Nightmare’ by Brand New

‘F.I.F.A’ by Pusha T

‘River’ by Bishop

‘Time Moves Slow’ by BADBADNOTGOOD (ft. Sam Herring)

‘Born Again Teen’ by Lucius

Outro is ‘Since I Left You’ by The Avalanches

Here’s some news stuff in case you want to know more!

Here’s that Youtube video that deconstructs rap over time from Vox that you should definitely need to check out

Azealia Banks … just, ALL of Azealia Banks*long exasperated sigh* Thank you Twitter for doing EVERYONE a favor.



The Avalanches posted a cryptic video on their Youtube page!

When Prince says jump, you say how high?

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