Project Pabst: East Atlanta’s newest festival.


When Pabst Blue Ribbon announced earlier this year that it would once again host four (4) separate music festivals, entitled Project Pabst, I was pretty excited to know Atlanta had made the cut this year. The festival dates for Project Pabst include; Denver (May 20-21), Portland (Aug. 26-28), Atlanta (Oct. 1), and Philadelphia (Oct. 8). I became even more intrigued as to who would play this date after seeing names like Best Coast, Baroness, Duran Duran, Tame Impala, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Violent Femmes, Fidlar, and Ice Cube make the Denver and Portland lineups respectively. The time came for this incredible lineup to drop the day after my birthday (July 11th), so I want to say ‘thank you Pabst Blue Ribbon’ for the birthday present you bestowed upon the city of Atlanta.



The Atlanta lineup for Project Pabst features: Run The Jewels (RTJ), Mastodon, NOFX, Santigold, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinares (CBAHE), The Internet, Real Estate, Titus Andronicus, Summer Cannibals, Omni, Radioactivity, Mind Spiders, Biters, Nots, Jacuzzi Boys, Dinos Boys, and Midnight Larks. If you know a little about me then you would know that the first five names sold me from the beginning. More so the first two names which is why I hope that no scheduling conflicts arise. I can only hope that they do not pit RTJ and Mastodon up against each other or even worse having Santigold against CBAHE. Since Killer Mike (one part of the hip hop duo RTJ) and Mastodon are both Atlanta natives, it would basically be a city divided between the hometown boys and not fair at all. I am not going to think about it right now because ideally there is nothing I can do but make it work.


Project Pabst will be held in the area known as East Atlanta Village (EAV) which is located between Flat Shoals Ave SE and Glenwood Ave SE. You can use The EARL as a point of reference for GPS purposes: 488 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316. Tickets for the event are currently at the early bird price of $40 but once these tickets run out they will increase to only $55. This event is also 21+ and will open at noon (12 pm) with the first show at 1 pm. So far no schedule has been announced but it is listed that the outdoor stages will end at 9:45 pm. If you do not want to drive to Project Pabst, get your first Uber ride free with promo code, tarynw59, or your first Lyft ride with, TARYN273. If you want to find a place to stay close to the EAV, I suggest using Airbnb or Kayak to find suitable living quarters near the area. For those who are out of town, EAV is centrally located in Downtown Atlanta but obviously on the east side of town. If you are using Airbnb for the first time, get $30 of travel credit when you click this special link.

Well, we hope that this information can assist your trip to Atlanta/EAV for the first annual Project Pabst. Stay tuned for our coverage of Project Pabst and numerous other festivals by following Concerthopper on all social media formats: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. And follow my personal concert hopping on Instagram also. Remember don’t think about it, just buy the damn ticket. As always, hope to see you at a show or festival soon. We also want to say ‘Thank you’ to all for your continued support!

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