Omnia Collecta Music and Arts Festival 2016

Omnia Collecta Music and Arts Festival is an annual festival that takes place in Somerville, Alabama. From June 3 to June 5, 2016 artists from a variety of genres took the stage. The festival didn’t seem to exclude anyone based on genre, seeing that ever genre from metal to EDM to some acoustic bands performed throughout the weekend.

The venue itself is relatively small. In comparison, for you Bonnaroovians out there, I would say the entire venue would fit inside one of the pods on the Bonnaroo farm. When I say the entire venue, mean everything from the stage, to the food and art vendors as well as the camping section. The festival is said to have brought somewhere around 500 attendees together for the weekend, however, it seemed as if a majority of the people who attended the festival did not stay to camp.

The festival grounds at Omnia Collecta were definitely small compared to other music and arts festivals. 

Throughout the weekend, there were two artists that really showed they have what it takes to make it big in their genres. Free Candy, a psychedelic rock band from Somerville, absolutely killed their set on Saturday and had us dancing the entire time. DJ Inubito, an EDM DJ that performed on Friday, totally has what it takes to push out some face melting beats on the turn tables. I was honestly surprised there wasn’t a better turn out for him.

DJ Inubito killing his set at the Omnia Collecta Music and Arts festival in Somerville, Alabama.

The festival overall has a good vibe, but may need some more organization in the future. This is one of the few festivals I have been to where car camping is not allowed. Honestly, the farm used for the venue has enough room for car camping if there are enough security workers that know what they are doing. I understand the risk of individuals trying to leave the campgrounds once everything is over at night. But if car camping was allowed as well as a separate area for day parking, I think campers would be much happier. It would also greatly help campers if the grounds could be mowed instead of bush hogged, and all the fire ant hills in the camping area taken care of prior to the start of the festival.

The festival already has a great vibe and some amazing music, but it simply lacks a little organization to help with the flow of things. I can’t wait to see what Omnia Collecta 2017 looks like.

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