Take Me Back to Tuesday: Run The Jewels at Marathon Music Works

I was listening to a podcast once, I don’t remember which one or how they got on this topic, but they were discussing what they would do if they could go back in time. Of course, most everyone thinks of something they would change, a mistake or accident they would prevent, an ex they would run away from screaming upon first meeting, a move or job they would take…

Well, one of the podcast hosts mentioned if he could go back in time he would relive a happy memory. I heard that and thought, “huh, I haven’t thought of time travel in that way before.” I think it’s beautiful to ponder all the wonderful memories you would like to experience again, rather than all the things we wish we can change, but can’t (and there’s always that pesky butterfly effect).

What happy moment of time would you visit if you could?

As I type this, it’s the night before the inauguration and I’m nervous for my country, you know how they say, “Think happy thoughts”? Well, I realized I have a new life moment I would time travel to live again.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, Run The Jewels at Marathon Music Works. Tuesday’s concert was a late Christmas gift from me to my beau and my favorite concert hopping buddy (You’re welcome, Brian and Christine!). We got there super early and planned on watching the show from the accessible viewing area since I am a full-time wheelchair user. But Run The Jewel’s large stage props of the gun and fist obstructed the view of the performances from that angle so another woman in a wheelchair and I parked ourselves against the rail slightly left from the center.

This could have been a very different blog post. The show was sold out, RTJ’s music makes you bounce around, and get rowdy. Luckily, my fellow rap lover on wheels and I enjoyed a perfect view without incident. I kept thinking, only in the South can two small women in wheelchairs ride the rail during a RUN THE JEWELS concert and not be crushed. I was bursting with pride for the South and feeling all the feels.

Then it happened…


That bright beautiful smile is what I keep playing back in my mind. I can say when Killer Mike smiles at you, you melt. For a while I thought I was imagining that he was smiling me.

But then towards the end of set…

Killer Mike confirms my suspicions and makes a point to mention how wonderful the crowd has been that night. How everyone is still looking out for each other, dancing and having a good time, and letting these two ladies in wheelchairs rock out up front the whole time.

YES! I died. I am actually typing this from beyond the grave.

No, we didn’t take any pictures. This was a no phones show for my crew. You just have to believe me that it happened. We all know, it’s a proven fact that rappers like me.

I will say right after Killer Mike complimented the crowd, some dude pushed a dude and a girl got pushed, but Killer Mike called the guys out and made them apologize.

I saw Killer Mike open for Big Boy at Track 29 in Chattanooga. Then I saw Run The Jewels at Bonnaroo and Project Pabst in Atlanta. I enjoyed those performances, but Tuesday was by far the best I have seen of them. And I was honestly thinking that just before I got the shout out. I think it was that they were feeding off the crowd’s great energy and enjoying themselves.

Be kind to each other and everyone will enjoy the show.

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