Okeechobee Wave 2: Ranked


With about a month left until the sophomore edition of Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in Florida we decided to pass the time until we’re back in the portal by ranking the wave two artists in order from “must see” to “maybe it’s time for a swim at Aquachobee beach”. With absolutely no scientific or mathematical process involved and simply a few hours of listening between Kayla and Xerxes we give you Okeechobee Wave 2: Ranked

  1. Vulfpeck
  2. Brasstracks
  3. Sturgill Simpson
  4. The Floozies
  5. Ganja White Night
  6. Space Jesus
  7. Funky Dawgs Brass Band
  8. Lawrence
  9. Logic
  10. Octopus Kid
  11. 12th Planet
  12. Pell
  13. Kasbo, Polyenso (tie)
  14. The Golden Pony
  15. Jon Simon
  16. Vandana
  17. Tomas Station
  18. Slumber


We didn’t forget about the Roosevelt Collier Allstar Jam and it certainly doesn’t belong at the bottom of the list but it would be impossible to predict what will come of this jam session. As far as we’re concerned, it will be worth a dance and a listen and maybe there will be a few surprises in store for what is sure to be a memorable performance!


Roosevelt Collier



Love our rankings? Completely disagree? Tell us about it on social media with #ConcertHopper. And although tickets are selling quickly (tier one is sold out!) you can still check HERE for options for entering the portal with us!

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