Carpenter Brut: Live at Terminal West

Not even a very cold and chilly night in Atlanta would keep people from coming out to listen to the dark, synth sounds of Carpenter Brut (CB). Who is Carpenter Brut you may ask? Well their music is a mixture of metal/hard rock/80’s horror themed electronic tones that eerily pays homage to the soundtrack of just about every horror movie from director John Carpenter. It is known that the name Carpenter Brut came from the champagne brand, but one cannot overlook the influence of Carpenter’s movie soundtracks when listening to the band CB. Little is known about the man behind the music, whose real name is Franck Hueso, except that his nationality is French. He has restricted access to his personal life in hopes that all of the media would stay concentrated on his music as a whole. If you ask me, the French know what they are doing when it comes to anonymity, just ask fellow French musicians Daft Punk.

Since 2012, CB has released three (3) EPs aptly entitled EP I (2012), EP II (2013), & EP III (2015), in addition, to a full length LP named Trilogy (2015) which is a compilation of the previously released EPs. Want to hear some of CB? Then check out the official Carpenter Brut Soundcloud page and take a listen to the dark, brooding sounds that take you right into your favorite horror movie instantly. Now this sound might not be your particular flavor and that is totally fine. To each their own. This is what makes music so amazing. Not every sound can wet your auditory palate, but when you do find that particular sound that entices your senses it is the most amazing feeling to let the music take over.

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