Volunteer for Make Music Chattanooga

Make Music Chattanooga is looking for volunteers to help make the magic of Make Music Day happen on Wednesday, June 21st. And with over 50 concerts and musical events happening in 15 different locations from 9 in the morning until after midnight, we need all the help we can get.

There are a variety of opportunities available and you can schedule the time that works best for you. You can volunteer with your friends or solo.

Listed below are descriptions of the volunteer positions we need to fill. If you’re interested in doing any of these jobs or have a suggestion of another way you can be of assistance please attend the Volunteer Orientation on Sunday, June 11, 4pm at The Well (1800 Rossville Ave, Chattanooga) or email Taryn at chattanooga@MakeMusicDay.org with the subject: Volunteering 

Photographers/Videographers – Document the various events for the day. Provide pictures and videos to Make Music Chattanooga and their performers.

Stage Managers – Supervise the stage and be available to answer performers’ questions. No experience required. Training and information will be provided at Volunteer Orientation.

Stagehands – Assist performers in setting up their gear and possibly running a PA, when needed. Previous experience required.

Base Campers – Will be stationed at the MMC base camp to check performers in and give them their t-shirts and gift bags. Base campers will assist with performer questions and be handing out schedules to the public. No experience required. Training and information will be provided at Volunteer Orientation.

Trailblazers – Point everyone in the direction of the music by marking trails with sidewalk chalk and balloons to the various venues. Maps and materials will be provided ahead of time.

Volunteering is a fun way to get in on the action and feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that you were a part of making it all happen.

Photographers and videographers bring your gear and shoot your heart out. Help ConcertHopper.com photographer, Ricardo Chang a.k.a Noogaside document it all and make some wonderful memories in the process.

Not good with a camera? Me either. We have a fun job for you too.

If you ever wanted an excuse to use spray paint on public spaces. Well… we have spray chalk for you. Become a trailblazer and you can chalk up trails for Chattanoogans to follow to the music. Want to meet talented Chattanooga musicians while you’re giving them gifts? Become a Base Camper.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this anyone you know who might be interested.

Thank you for contributing to Make Music Chattanooga’s mission of giving Chattanoogans an opportunity to create and celebrate music, freely with the community on Make Music Day! 

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