Green Day’s Revolution Radio Tour


Green Day (1)
Green Day got off to a fiery start at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia.

      Green Day kicked off their year long, worldwide Revolution Radio tour in September 2016, proving the baddest boys in punk can still rock with the best of them. The tour has been broken up into two separate North American segments, as well as a European and South American segment. While touring, the band has also managed to headline several festivals across the globe, such as Mad Cool Festival, Download Festival, Pink Pop, and Southside Festival.

      With the tour more than halfway complete, the band is set to kick off the second leg of their North American tour with a Bang! Bang! on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 in Auburn, Washington. When looking back at the first leg of Green Day’s North American run for 2017, it sets hopes high for what the boys could have in store for us this time around.

      One major difference between the fall tour and the spring tour would be that Against Me! opened for Green Day on their spring tour while Catfish and the Bottlemen are opening for them this fall. During the spring tour at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia, Against Me! packed a punk rock punch as they took a thirty minute set and turned it into complete punk mayhem. At the beginning of the set Laura Jane Grace (lead vocals/guitar) promised they were going to play as much punk rock as possible and she definitely kept to her promise. Against Me! played a small, ten song set and sprinkled in some of their best hits by cranking out “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong” ,”Haunting, Haunted, Haunts” , “Teenage Anarchist” and “Crash” to name a few.

Green Day (2)
Laura Jane Grace and James Bowman of Against Me! opening for Green Day in Duluth, Georgia.

      While the opening act may be different, the fact that Green Day is going to lay down an unforgettable show every night remains the same. In March at the Infinite Energy Center, they left everyone sweaty, teary-eyed and wanting to immediately buy their tickets for their next show on the Revolution Radio tour.

      In true Green Day fashion, the infamous drunken bunny kicked off what was hands down one of the wildest nights the Infinite Energy Center has ever seen. After getting the crowd a little rowdy with a sing-a-long to “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones, the bunny was dragged off stage as the lights dimmed. Soon Billie JoeArmstrong (guitar/lead vocals), Tre Cool (drums), Mike Dirnt (bass) and the rest of the Green Day gang came bounding to the stage. For the next two and a half hours, the boys romped through a collection of old favorites sprinkled with some of their new hits off of Revolution Radio.

Green Day (3)
Mike Dirnt kneeling down to get a little friendly with audience on March 10, 2017.

     Green Day is one of the few bands that continues to stay relevant with their willingness to scream out their political beliefs. And their ability to connect with their fans on such an intimate level. Owning up to his deepy rooted, punk rock roots from Oakland, California, Armstrong took a moment during Letterbomb to scream out what this night represented to everyone during these dreadfully troubled times. “Tonight we are not going to live in fear. Tonight, we are not going to live in anger. We are not going to live in resentment. We are not going to live in coruption. We are not going to live in lies…And we are not going to live in some politician’s stupid ideology!” While Armstrong’s voice bellowed throughout the arena, he then brought everyone together by chanting “Hey-oh”repeatedly. The sound of everyone singing together in unison was more beautiful than any choir on record.

Green Day (4)
Billie Joe Armstrong decided to strike a pose for me at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth Georgia.

      It’s not only Armstrong’s sometimes politically charged lyrics and onstage commentary that creates the feeling of understanding and intimacy between Green Day and their fans. It’s also Green Day’s tendency to pull unsuspecting volunteers from the crowd and give them the opportunity of a lifetime. In March 2017 at the Infinite Energy Center, Green Day gifted the opportunity to perform on stage with them to three lucky kids. For this show, a girl was pulled to help Billie kick off the show with “Know Your Enemy”, another kid got pulled on stage to sing “Longview”, and finally during the band’s cover of Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge”, Billie Joe Armstrong walked directly over to me and hand picked me to help him finish playing the song.

      Shocked doesn’t even begin to explain my emotions during this moment in my life. Billie Joe then declared to the crowd that he chose me to represent “All the badass women in the house.” I went barreling towards the boys as the security guard pulled me over the guard railing and tossed me on stage. The minute my feet hit that stage, I took off like an erratic ball of energy and almost knocked Armstrong flat on his back with my over zealous hug. He strummed through the chords I needed once, then slung his guitar over my shoulders and adjusted my guitar strap for me. I remember looking up as Armstrong put his hand on my shoulder, my eyes met his gaze, he pulled me close and screamed in my ear,  “It’s just G C D , you got this kid!” Then he counted off for me, and next thing I know I was the new guitarist for Green Day.

      I took off walking down the catwalk while Armstrong grabbed the microphone and trotted behind me. Once he realized I was singing too, he knelt down and acted as my mic stand as I got to lead ten thousand screaming fans in singing “Knowledge”. Then Armstrong went and grabbed his trusty guitar, Blue, and helped me finish the song. To really end things with a bang, I ran up the drum risers and jumped from the top in true rockstar fashion!

Green Day (5)
I was chosen to help Green Day play Knowledge by Operation Ivy. All rights reserved to Green Day’s Idiot Nation. All photo credits belong to Green Day and Idiot Nation.

       I went to give Armstrong another hug, and that’s when he leaned in to ask my name. Then to my amazement, Billie Joe Armstrong took the microphone and told this sold out arena, “This is Kade!” as if I was an old friend he was introducing to everyone. Then to really top things off, he looked me dead in my eyes and said “Kade, you get to keep that guitar!” To this day, I am surprised I didn’t hit the floor right then and there. The very man who is the reason why I play guitar is also the reason why I have such a passion for writing about music. He has now given me the opportunity of a life-time to perform on stage with Green Day and then to put a cherry on top, he sent me home with his guitar. As I exited the stage, Armstrong got the arena to begin chanting “Kade! Kade! Kade!”

      I can’t put into words the love, respect, and admiration I hold for this band. All I can say, is being at a Green Day concert is like entering a church for me. And now with the second leg of the North American tour kicking off, the boys are destined to give thousands of fans the most awe inspiring religious experience of their lives. And to a few hundred lucky kids, the show they catch on the Revolution Radio tour will be the most memorable night of their lives. Take my word for it.

Green Day (6)
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day at the Infinite Energy Center on March 10,2017.

Green Day’s Setlist at the Infinite Energy Center

Duluth, Georgia on March 10, 2017

  1. Know Your Enemy
  2. Bang! Bang!
  3. Revolution Radio
  4. Holiday
  5. Letterbomb
  6. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  7. Longview
  8. Youngblood
  9. 2000 Lightyears Away
  10. Hitchin’ A Ride
  11. When I Come Around
  12. Waiting
  13. Burnout
  14. Scattered
  15. Minority
  16. Are We The Waiting
  17. St. Jimmy
  18. Knowledge
  19. Basket Case
  20. She
  21. King for A Day (Featuring Shout, Satisfaction, and Hey Jude)
  22. Still Breathing
  23. Forever Now

Encore #1

  1. American Idiot
  2. Jesus of Suburbia

Encore #2

  1. Ordinary World
  2. Time of Your Life


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