5 Ways Music Can Help You Get a “Real Job”

Most dedicated Concert Hoppers eventually start concert hopping like it’s a job. Raise your hand if your love of live music has brought you to joining a band, becoming a sound engineer, photographer, music blogger, talent manager, street team member, volunteer, promoter… The list goes on. We all need ways to support our habit.

As someone who has managed volunteers for ConcertHopper.com and Make Music Chattanooga. I always tell my team, “Put this on your resume! Let the time you have given work for you.”

No music isn’t going to allow most of us to quit our day jobs and run off with the band and it isn’t likely we’ll live a story that mirrors Almost Famous. BUT creative work IS work. You’re doing work. Let that work help you get a better paying and hopefully more enjoyable day job.

I am going to use contributing to ConcertHopper.com as the example here, but these 5 ways can be applied to most any music hobby job.


Builds Hands-On Experience in a Desired Field

Say you have yet to have the opportunity to do your dream job. You want to be a journalist, photographer, social media manager. What’s stopping you from getting some practice and building a portfolio of meaningful and useful work? Combine your two passions and learn while you enjoy music in a whole new way.

Job Skills

Of course there’s the obvious skills for our contributors: writing and photography. Dig deeper and we’ll find the boarder skills that can be applied to more positions such as:

  • Internet research
  • Travel planning
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Negotiating
  • Fundraising

When I started ConcertHopper.com it was a way for me to not only document my concert hopping adventures and express myself. It also become a way for me to improve my writing and become familiar with using Blogger, WordPress.com, Google Docs, Trello, Slack, etc.

Shows Organization Skills

There isn’t a lot of “hand holding” in this line of work. Music hobby jobs are very do-it-yourself, literally. You have to keep yourself organized to be successful in your project. When I started booking shows in high school, I learned with a quickness about making to do lists, follow-up emails, scheduling meetings, setting priorities and deadlines.


Shows that You’re a “Self-Starter”

It’s likely that you weren’t recruited for your music related gig. You looked at your bank account one day and thought, oh shit concerts and music festivals are expensive. So you signed up to street team, volunteer, blog and you take your assignments and run with them.



You meet some musicians, of course. You also know venue and security staff, fellow fans.

Applying This to Your Job Search

Get out a pen and some paper, write down:

  • All the day to day tasks of your music hobby job in the most minut detail.
  • Then list your successes in that position, USE numbers.
    • Example: “Content created for Facebook page increased likes by 45% in two months”

Use these lists to build and tailor your resume. Plus it can add detail to your cover letter.

To update your list of references:

  • List people who worked closely with youregularly in this role. Once you have been scheduled for an interview, ask each personif they would be comfortable being listed as a reference. If yes, get their phone number and email address. Tell them what you know about the position you’re being interviewed forso they can have an idea of what to expect when contacted.

Tell us about a skill that you gained from a music hobby that also helped you get paid employment in the comments.

Oh and we are always looking for dedicated concert hoppers to join our team. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* Send us a message.

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