100 Days to RooWellness

Last year we covered RooFitness with an 80 day lead to allow Bonnaroovians time to work on their festi-bods but this year we’re giving you a bit of a head start on your RooWellness. Here’s what you need to know to be fit and healthy to survive The Farm in 2016. Note: The information and... Continue Reading →

Who’s Ready for a Bonnaroo Thanksgiving?!

Make sure wherever you're stuffing your face this weekend has wi-fi and hopefully a few Bonnaroovians, because Bonnaroo has planned your agenda and turned Thanksgiving into a holiday for the festy fam. Wednesday: We're sitting down as a family to watch A Very Bonnaroo Thanksgiving on Bonnaroo.com. This is the second year, so now it's tradition!... Continue Reading →

Our Bonnaroo Experience

Every year in June, around 80,000 people make the trip to a farm in the little town of Manchester, Tennessee to attend the Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival. Many first-timers come because of the lineup, or heard from a friend it's a cool place. However any Bonnaroovian will tell you that the lineup really is... Continue Reading →

Back to Where You Once Belonged

One of the things we as people search for in our lives is a place where we belong. No matter how old we are, where we’ve been to, what we’ve experienced, this search for belonging is universal. I have a friend who once told me about a backpacking trip she took to Ireland right after... Continue Reading →

Taryn’s June Rewind and July Calendar

Last month flew by and was more wonderful and eventful than I had imagined it would be when May came to an end. I enjoyed a little bit of Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival before returning home to Bonnaroo. Then I went back to reality and back to work feeling inspired. Riverbend Festival is an 8-day music... Continue Reading →

My Bonnaroo Top Five Recap of 2015

So another year at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has past and memories have been made by all who attended this year’s event in Manchester, Tennessee.  For the first time since attending my first Bonnaroo, we arrived early Wednesday right before 10 PM which apparently was the best time to come since there was... Continue Reading →

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