The Major Rager 2017: A retrospective.

The Major Rager (MR) has quickly become a "newly, cemented tradition" during Master’s Week (Augusta, Ga.) in a short period of time thanks to the hard work and dedication from all the folks at Friends With Benefits Productions (FWB). And like every one of their events in the past, this year’s MR will benefit a... Continue Reading →

🔥👄⛳️ The Major Rager 2017: The Flaming Lips, People of the Sun (by Moon Taxi), Eric Krasno Band, and Stop Light Observations.

A few years ago, local promoters Friends With Benefits (FWB) decided to take a chance and put on a concert during Master’s Week in Augusta, Georgia with some close friends of theirs: Umphrey’s McGee with special guests Moon Taxi (2014). This was the start of a tradition that we all come to recognize now as The Major... Continue Reading →

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