My Best Music Memories of 2014

Much like everyone else I’ve spent this week in my head reflecting on this past year and planning for the next. While I pondered all the wonderful things I should do in 2015, I realized I couldn’t have planned the weird awesomeness that was 2014. Last year was an example of what happens when you... Continue Reading →

Blue Moon, Keep Shining

Jack White. What can I possibly say about the man that hasn’t already been said countless times by innumerable journalists, bloggers, lovers, and even haters? There’s no denying that he is one of the foremost figures in music today. Everything he says and does causes comment. Just look at how often he’s name-checked in Rolling... Continue Reading →

Free Music Friday: Forecastle Festival

Artist: Various Download: Forecastle Festival Mixtape 2014 Dates: July 18-20Get your tickets: Here Visit: forecastlefest.comWhat’s the first rule of preparing for a festival? Listen to the lineup, duh. Download this nifty mixtape and get acquainted with a handful of the artists you’ll be enjoying at this Summer’s Forecastle Festival. Dance with me at Waterfront Park!

Street Team with Me!

One of my goals for 2014 is to become an active street team member. I obviously already spend a great deal of time promoting and attending events. I've been searching for ways to network, get more involved, and honestly save money. Being on a street team seems like a sure fire way to do all... Continue Reading →

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