A Perfect Circle: The Giant Awakens 

I think it is safe to say that many of you have heard of the band Tool and their iconic and sometimes controversial front man Maynard James Keenan. If so, then you should also be aware that in his spare time he has also taken the lead singing duties for two other bands; Pusicfer and A... Continue Reading →

The Major Rager 2017: A retrospective.

The Major Rager (MR) has quickly become a "newly, cemented tradition" during Master’s Week (Augusta, Ga.) in a short period of time thanks to the hard work and dedication from all the folks at Friends With Benefits Productions (FWB). And like every one of their events in the past, this year’s MR will benefit a... Continue Reading →

Carpenter Brut: Live at Terminal West

Not even a very cold and chilly night in Atlanta would keep people from coming out to listen to the dark, synth sounds of Carpenter Brut (CB)... Little is known about the man behind the music, whose real name is Franck Hueso, except that his nationality is French. He has restricted access to his personal life in hopes that all of the media would stay concentrated on his music as a whole... You can view these pictures and more online over on our Facebook page. ‘Like’ our page and stay up to date in 2017 on all music related events/festivals.

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