Are You Ready to Roo?

Thirty days until our beloved Bonnaroo! This time next month we’ll be dancing in the Tennessee sun to beautiful music with our festy besties. Are you ready?! It’s just 30 days away. Yes, this is the festival to-do list I keep rehashing, but all listed tasks are really important. So it bears repeating. Listen to every artist on... Continue Reading →

Don’t B.S.A.D: Do the Roo Before June!

You’re viewing the schedule of your favorite festival. Your eyes are racing the down page as you frantically search for all the bands you’ve fantasized about seeing since the line-up drop. You scroll up and down the webpage and your eyes dart back and forth between each stage listed. You start to become confused and... Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss The Opening Act!

One thing, I’ve never been able to understand about some other Concert Hoppers is why are they okay with missing the opening act. I mean I understand if you have to be late, because of work or something. Better late than never. I just don’t get why someone would miss an opening act on purpose.... Continue Reading →

Fly Free Fest 2013

From the moment I learned about Fly Free Fest via Facebook invite I knew it was something special. A weekend full of live music & possible unicorn sightings, I'm there! I had a giddy summer crush on FFF from there on out, but I fell deeply in love with the festival the moment Moon Taxi... Continue Reading →

More Music for Your Money

I think all readers of this blog can agree we all need more live music in our lives. What's usually the main reason for not attending more events? Money. Lack of cash holding you back from reaching your concerts hopped quota? No worries, I made a helpful list for you. Volunteer or Street Team Volunteering... Continue Reading →

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