My Best Music Memories of 2014

Much like everyone else I’ve spent this week in my head reflecting on this past year and planning for the next. While I pondered all the wonderful things I should do in 2015, I realized I couldn’t have planned the weird awesomeness that was 2014. Last year was an example of what happens when you... Continue Reading →

All My Life…

This past June, Taryn alerted me to, what was at the time, the only officially announced Foo Fighters concert of the year: they’d be the closing headliners of the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans on November 2, 2014. I’ve dreamed of seeing the Foo Fighters in concert since I was at least... Continue Reading →

October Music Marathon

Wake me up when September ends. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.) If you’re bored next month, it’s your damn fault. You can get your festival fix and enjoy the beautiful weather, or you can take your pick of a night out at various venues around Chattanooga all month long. Be sure to be at Ross's... Continue Reading →

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