Take Our Love Survey

Concert Hopper love is definitely a thing and we decided to gather the data to prove it. I personally have the felt the love, having a hand in planning two Bonnaroovian marriage proposals and meeting my current beau while volunteering for Make Music Chattanooga (Hi Brian!). Whether you have found love while in pursuit of... Continue Reading →

Detroit Donny’s Quick Concert Review #1: The Who, 2/27/16, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI

https://www.instagram.com/p/8Ow9vUqMWc/ Hey all, Detroit Donny here.  I’ve decided to try something new because I’ve always wanted to review the concerts I attend.  I’m calling it Detroit Donny’s Quick Concert Review.  Yeah, I think it’s quite a creative name.  Anyway, this is the first one and it’s a humdinger. On February 27, I went to Joe Louis... Continue Reading →

Concert Hoppers Wanted! Contribute your Talent.

Calling all Concert Hoppers! We’re looking for writers, photographers, videographers, and podcasters to contribute their live music inspired work. Use ConcertHopper.com as an outlet to share your story without the pressure of maintaining your own website or blog. You can post regularly or once in a blue moon. You’ll be able to share your work... Continue Reading →

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